Getting active step by step

It’s no secret that, over the last 30 years, our lives have become much more sedentary. And, just as Slimming World’s Food Optimising will help you to make easy changes to the way you shop, cook and eat, Body Magic – our unique activity programme – will help you take small steps towards a more active lifestyle, and reap all the wonderful benefits too.

At Slimming World, we understand that changing habits – habits that took a long time to form – takes time. We understand that building confidence and overcoming personal hurdles needs support and reassurance.

And that’s why we won’t ask you to join in an exercise class at your group, you won’t ever need to wear Lycra (unless that’s what tickles your fancy!), and there’s no judgement about how much or how little activity you do. Whether you’re taking a first step or you already enjoy an active lifestyle, you’ll receive practical help to build up your activity in nice steady stages, find enjoyable activities for you and your family – and share your experiences with other members too.

Small steps really do bring amazing results and whether you walk, cycle, swim, garden, dance or Wii, we’ll celebrate every step – be it small or large – with you, all the way towards a fitter, healthier, more active future!

When Michaela Judge joined a circuits class, her ‘all or nothing’ approach took her to the brink of collapse. Ten stones lighter and step by step Body Magic has helped Michaela build up to a beautifully active lifestyle.

Michaela Judge

When I read through my Body Magic book after joining my group, I realised that starting off slowly was the key to success. I began by walking from my house to the end of the road and back again. Then I built up to walking home from group each week. It used to take me 30 minutes – now I’m home in 10!

I started getting off the bus one stop earlier on my way home from work and now I walk all the way! I’m getting a bike next!

Body Magic helped me to realise that doing what you can, doing it to your own ability level, then building on that really does make a difference.


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What you get with group membership

  • Support from members – friends – who can provide a touch of inspiration to help you to get going… and keep going
  • A Body Magic booklet bursting with activity inspiration
  • Loads of ideas, hints and tips shared in group
  • In-group display boards to help you set goals and celebrate achieving them
  • FIT logs to help you plan and log your activity progress
  • Awards, certificates and loads of congratulations from your fellow members
  • Free online access to dozens of features that will inspire and motivate you
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What you get with online-only membership

  • A Body Magic booklet bursting with activity inspiration (Gold membership only)
  • Printable and interactive FIT logs to help you plan and log your activity progress
  • Fun, interactive activity challenges
  • Awards and congratulations for every activity goal achieved
  • Dozens of features to inspire and motivate you
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