What to expect in a Slimming World group.

My first week at Slimming World…

As soon as you walk through the doors of any Slimming World group, you can be assured of a warm welcome from your Consultant and fellow members – a bunch of really friendly people all at various stages in their weight loss campaign.

It was just the situation I normally avoided - a room full of people. I wish I'd overcome my fears earlier. The support and camaraderie of the group and my Consultant have been a life saver. I would advise anyone feeling nervous about joining Slimming World there's no need to - you'll find a warm welcome awaits you.

Sandra Robinson astonished her GP and turned her health around after losing over 6 stones.

Before you decide whether to join, your Consultant will tell you all about Slimming World and Food Optimising. Your ‘new member talk’ begins shortly after the group’s start time, during which the other members will be getting weighed and generally chatting.

You’ll then be invited to join the other members and enjoy the session called IMAGE Therapy. It stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience and it’s full of warmth, friendship, laughter, ideas being shared, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more.

Image Therapy is so vital - without staying to group (Image Therapy) I wouldn’t have been successful. If you stay to group and learn everything you can to lose weight trust me you’ll soon be on the way to your personal target. You’ll feel like shouting from the highest hill like I am at the moment!

Donald Seeby

Along with the other new members, you’ll be invited to enrol and get weighed. Your weight always remains private and confidential.

I'd heard of Slimming World but thought it was for older ladies and felt embarrassed about attending, plus I thought they were going to announce my weight

When I joined 3 weeks ago I was delighted - everyone was really welcoming and my Consultant was so supportive – and my weight was kept totally confidential.

Amy Peake

Because of your new member talk your first group usually lasts around 1½ hours and around an hour each week after that.

Experience a warm welcome and all the support you need in your local Slimming World group.


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* Target members are given free attendance of any Slimming World group - known as free lifetime membership - while ever they remain within 3lbs above or below their target weight. We ask target members to weigh in during their group attendance to qualify for their free lifetime membership. The more often a target member attends their group, the more successful they will be at maintaining their target weight. To retain their free access to LifelineOnline, target members must attend group at least once every two months.

What you get with
group membership

  • A very warm welcome – whichever group you join!
  • A friendly and highly trained Consultant to guide and support you
  • The promise of no humiliation or judgment – just care, support and encouragement
  • The most advanced and effective support there is – IMAGE Therapy
  • The very best support and advice, not just in your group, but during the week too
  • Free life membership when you achieve your Personal Achievement Target*
  • Free online access to our exclusive members-only website, LifelineOnline
  • Price information
    • Pay weekly or sign up for 6 or 12 weeks – boosting your commitment and saving £££s!
    • Once you've joined, you'll pay just £4.95 / €9 weekly (less for senior citizens) or £4.12 / €7.50 a week or less with a 6 or 12 week Countdown course!
*Some Consultants accept credit and debit card payments, please phone to check. find a friendly local group

What you get with
online-only membership

  • 1,400 delicious recipes – all searchable by ingredient, meal-type and preparation time
  • Create your own daily menus in a moment!
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian – whatever your dietary need or preference, our Healthy Eating plan will fit perfectly!
  • You set your own weight loss target – we’ll help you get there!
  • Keep track with easy-to-use online directories and food diary
  • Get fit for life – at your own pace – with our activity programme, challenges, tracker and awards
  • Enter your weight once a week in the privacy of your own home then celebrate your success with awards galore!
  • Overcome difficult weeks with unique motivation and behavioural support based on your personal progress
  • 24/7, world-wide access to hundreds of features – for hints, tips and support when you need them most!
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