Carol feels healthier than ever!

Carol feels healthier than ever!

Carol Hawkins' amazing 10st 1lb weight loss journey has been truly breath-taking. As well as an amazing loss, Carol’s also had a few gains – her target member award and a passion for running! Read her inspirational story…

“Before I joined Slimming World my asthma was completely out of control. I also suffered with bad headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness, back pain and aching joints. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure. She gave me two choices: lose weight or die. 

“In the past I’d tried so many ‘faddy’ and unrealistic diets. They’d work in the short-term, but as soon as I started eating ‘normally’ again, the weight would return and I’d feel like a failure.

“I felt very embarrassed at the thought of walking into a strange group, thinking I’d be the biggest there and that people would point and laugh. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The welcome I received was warm, friendly and genuine. At the door I met my Consultant, Val, who treated me like a ‘normal’ person.

“Slimming World was the first ‘diet’ that offered me positives from the outset. It changed the way I thought about food, slowly building my confidence through Image Therapy so I could make the right choices to lose weight and be healthy and most of all, to be able to stay that way.

With Food Optimising I could eat real food – and lots of it! I lost 16½lbs in my first month filling up on eggs on toast, roast dinners and juicy steaks. Snacks are now fruit, Scan Bran and low-Syn treats like pink and white wafers, Options hot chocolate and treat-sized chocolate bars.    

“Body Magic recognises exercise as anything that gets your heart beating faster and as soon as I saw the effects, I got the bug. I started with gradual exercise like walking and power walking and now I run three times a week. My asthma, high blood pressure and painful joints are now a thing of the past – I feel so healthy and full of life!

“Slimming World has been a healthy lifestyle change for all the family too. My husband has stabilised his diabetes since losing a stone and my daughter is 4 stones lighter! As a family we’re so much more active and do a lot more things together. On a recent holiday, you couldn’t keep us out of the pool.

“Every week in group we’re all congratulated and rewarded with kind words and support. I’ve been going to group for almost two years now and it’s a pleasure to watch my fellow members grow in confidence and blossom as they lose weight. As a target member, I know I’ll always go to group to share ideas, recipes and continue to be supported.  

“Slimming World for me wasn’t or isn’t about just losing weight, it’s also about getting my life back, improving my health and learning how to maintain my target and my fantastic new zest for life!”


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