Encouraging a balanced diet for children

Encouraging a balanced diet for children

With over 1.3 million obese children in the UK there’s never been a more important time to look seriously at how to encourage a balanced diet for children. With readily-available sugary snacks, drinks and high-fat ready meals, the increase in unhealthily-balanced diets for children has no doubt contributed to this rise in childhood obesity. So how can we help our children eat healthily?

One of the problems faced in implementing a balanced diet for children is that healthy eating has a bad image. Who’d want to go without their favourite treats or eat nothing but vegetables just to get that so-called ‘balanced diet for children’?

That’s why Slimming World’s Free2Go plan, designed especially for 11-15 year olds, helps young members eat a balanced diet without pain and deprivation. By reducing the less healthy options (but without banning them!), discovering ‘cool swaps’ and tasty recipes, it creates a balanced diet for children that’s realistic, practical and fun!

Our young members receive a specially written booklet to guide them on healthy options (with some surprising and tasty meal ideas!) explaining in an accessible way what it is that makes a food healthy or not.  

Healthily balanced diet for children, the Food Optimising way

A typical day’s eating for a Free2Go member:

Breakfast – scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans and wholemeal toast
Lunch – baked potato with tuna & sweetcorn, followed by a toffee yogurt and sliced banana
Dinner – homemade meatballs and spaghetti, topped with cheese
Supper – Shreddies topped with strawberries
Snacks – a bag of Quavers, unlimited fruit, boiled eggs, sugar-free jelly

With the support of their Consultant and fellow group members, Free2Go really helps young people make positive lifestyle changes and obtain a healthy, balanced diet for children in gradual steps.

A balanced diet for children – top tips

  • Make some ‘cool swaps’ at meal times – switching chicken nuggets for grilled chicken breast, for example.
  • Load up their lunchbox with healthy alternatives to crisps and chocolate – eg, chicken legs, fruit cocktail, boiled egg, Babybel cheese, Ryvita Minis.
  • Homemade burgers, chips or fishfingers make a nourishing tea that’s just as tasty as the less-healthy shop-bought versions

Read more information on Slimming World’s Free2Go plan and how to encourage a balanced diet for your child.


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