Best weight loss programme

Best weight loss programme

The best weight loss programme! It’s an impressive statement - and one that many weight loss plans and schemes claim without a great deal of support! 

  • ‘The best weight loss programme I’ve ever found’ claims the TV soap starlette! 
  • ‘These delicious fat loss shakes made this the best weight loss programme I’ve tried’ screams the headline from the weekly women’s mag!
  • ‘Three hours of exercise a day was the best weight loss programme for me’ claims the advert for a new step machine!

At Slimming World we don’t shout that we’re the best weight loss programme from the rooftops.  Since 1969, millions of slimmers have lost even more millions of pounds in weight.  No, we don’t need to tell you that we’re the best weight loss programme around… our members do that for us!

Visit the 'meet our members' section to discover the amazing successes our members have achieved and why they truly believe that they’ve found the very best weight loss programme for life!

The best weight loss plan

It’s called Food Optimising – an eating plan that’s practical, flexible, generous and liberating. There’s no laborious calorie counting, no food is banned and it’s perfect for the whole family – for life! It’s a pure delight to see members who just can’t believe their luck when they walk into a group and find they can have so much to eat – enjoying the tastiest and best food - and still lose weight.  In fact, they often think Food Optimising is too good to be true and are only convinced when they’re half a stone lighter and haven’t gone hungry to get there.  They have found the best weight loss programme around – a way of eating that gives them the results they are looking for without breaking their hearts. 

The best weight loss support

Because changing eating patterns that have evolved over a whole lifetime can be hard, at Slimming World, you’ll discover Image Therapy.  This unique, advanced support system invites members to feel good about themselves (as they have every right and reason to), forgive themselves for past failures whether they be yesterday’s or last year’s (because such negative feelings are completely undeserved) and to realise that the future, their dreams, can most definitely and surely become reality.  The best weight loss programme deserves the best weight loss support! 

During Image Therapy members gain really useful information about what works and what doesn’t, great food ideas that keep the eating experience a pure pleasure, about what is myth and what is genuine researched fact – as opposed to misleading and damaging media sensationalism. And the part of Image Therapy that is so very exciting, so full of promise, is the part which involves a slimming experience over which they have complete control - the future. By changing the inner attitudes of their minds they can, and do, change the outer aspects of their lives. 

The very best weight loss programme for your personal success

Wrapped in the warmth and care of a fully trained Consultant and surrounded by the empathy and support of fellow members, you’ll feel confident that you’ve found the best weight loss program… and the shape of your dreams is just around the corner.

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What you get with group membership

  • A friendly, understanding Consultant – who’s been a member themselves
  • Image Therapy – the heart of a Slimming World group – giving you unique help, support and encouragement when you need it most
  • Loads of praise and celebrations for each weight loss milestone you achieve
  • Warmth, friendship, laughter, sharing ideas, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more
  • Free access to dozens of online features and tools to support you between groups
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What you get with online-only membership

  • Weekly online support and motivating e-mails based on your personal progress
  • Access to motivational support tools, insightful features and special strategies to help you in the weeks ahead
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