Children’s health guide

Children’s health guide

If you search on Amazon, you’ll find dozens of children’s health guides.  Likewise searching online you’ll find lists and lists of children’s health guides - many of them American – offering help and advice about everything from acne to verrucas!

A major concern in the area of children’s health at the moment is the growing obesity epidemic with increased headlines about overweight children. This may be the reason you arrived at Slimming World’s website, for information about children’s health or a guide to healthy eating.  Among 11– 15 year olds, 33% of boys and girls are obese or overweight, and that figure is rising – and we’re keen to work with parents, GPs and young members to buck that trend.

If you’re concerned about your child’s weight – or they’ve voiced their unhappiness to you – we’ve created a children’s health guide written especially for 11-15 year olds.  Free2Go is a special, simplified version of Food Optimising which focuses on the power of Free Food and Healthy Extras and encourages the step-by-step reduction of less healthy foods like burgers, chocolate and confectionary. 

Our Free2Go children’s health guide booklet is available as part of our free membership for 11-15 year olds.  It’s also available online, via our members-only website LifelineOnline. 

Written specifically for teens and older children, our health guide helps them: 

  • raise their awareness of those foods which are healthy additions every day and can be eaten with no restriction and those which should be enjoyed less frequently.
  • experience and enjoy the benefits of unlimited fruit and vegetables.
  • make positive food and activity changes that fit beautifully with their school-life, home-life and social-life. 
  • reduce ‘treat’ choices ultimately to one a day e.g. a McDonald’s burger or a pizza, or it might be a serving of chips at school, or an ice-cream at the cinema.

 Supported in our caring, non-judgemental groups and with guidance from their GP, Free2Go provides a family-focused, empowering plan for young teens just like Harry Moore.  You can discover more about Free2Go membership here, and if you’d like to know more about how Slimming World can help your children’s health, guide yourself to our nearest group section and find your local Consultant who will be delighted to tell you more.


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