Long-lasting dieting help at Slimming World

Long-lasting dieting help at Slimming World

If you’re looking for dieting help, help to lose weight or slimming advice – whatever you call it, Slimming World is here to help.

Our kind of dieting help isn’t patronising or condescending – that’s not helpful in the slightest!  Dieting help at Slimming World is empowering, enabling and effective. 

Read on and click the links to discover how we’ve given dieting help to millions of members, who have lost many more millions of pounds in our warm and friendly groups…

  • Dieting help for … a confidence boost before, during and after your weight loss!
  • Dieting help for… members who have tried every diet going and failed.  It’s not them who has failed – it’s the diet!
  • Dieting help for… a dream wedding day.  There’s nothing like a deadline to add pressure, and our friendly Consultants help you take the pressure off, relax into Food Optimising and love the results!
  • Dieting help for… big health benefits – often leading to reduced medication or even no more medication at all! 
  • Dieting help for… the whole family.  Our unique family approach and free membership for 11-15 year olds mean that granny and grandson – and everyone in between - can enjoy a healthy balanced diet.

So how does Slimming World offer this wealth of dieting help?  Within our groups, dieting help comes from our highly trained Consultants – all of whom have been members and can empathise with your ups and those occasional downs too.  An introductory talk will help you understand Food Optimising – our easy and effective healthy eating plan – and get you set for a fabulous first week… without depriving yourself of the things you love to eat!

Image Therapy is the part of a Slimming World group where the dieting help really starts.  It’s where members, all there for exactly the same reason, help and support each other with tips, praise, recipes, laughter and friendship.  As the old proverb goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved” and at Slimming World it’s quartered – at least!  Having walked a similar path, fellow members can empathise, offer helpful solutions and share what’s worked for them - all vital in working out your own route along your journey of success.  It’s what sets Slimming World apart from other clubs and weight loss programmes.  They may offer dieting help, but Slimming World delivers in droves!

And the help doesn’t stop when the group ends. Our fabulous free website for group members, LifelineOnline offers mid week support, and your Consultant is only ever a phone call away.  

Many members agree that Slimming World isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life.  And if you’d like some dieting help, slimming advice or weight loss support to help you achieve a fabulous way of life, we’re right here for you.


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What you get with group membership

  • A friendly, understanding Consultant – who’s been a member themselves
  • Image Therapy – the heart of a Slimming World group – giving you unique help, support and encouragement when you need it most
  • Loads of praise and celebrations for each weight loss milestone you achieve
  • Warmth, friendship, laughter, sharing ideas, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more
  • Free access to dozens of online features and tools to support you between groups
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What you get with online-only membership

  • Weekly online support and motivating e-mails based on your personal progress
  • Access to motivational support tools, insightful features and special strategies to help you in the weeks ahead
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