Knowing the ideal weight for your child

Knowing the ideal weight for your child

It’s widely accepted that a large percentage of 4-16 year olds weigh more than the ideal weight for a child of their age.  Eating less healthily and a less active lifestyle have taken their toll, causing weight-related problems like diabetes to appear at a much earlier age. And although, like adults, there is no ideal weight for a child, there is what is considered a healthy range, based on height, weight and age.

As childhood and adolescence are a time of growth and development, it isn’t appropriate to use the adult target weights or BMI calculators to determine the ideal weight for children. Instead, special charts have been developed by the Child Growth Foundation for this age group, which can be used to determine whether they’re at an ideal weight for a child of their age, height and gender, and to track their progress.

Childhood obesity is an incredibly sensitive area; one where most organisations have been reluctant to offer solutions.  Slimming World is the first and only national weight loss organisation to offer real, practical help to adolescents; offering help and support – with guidance from the teen’s GP and lots of positive input from their parent/guardian – in making healthy changes to their meals, snacks and lifestyle all with stacks of praise and encouragement.  

In this very special membership, young people between the ages of 11-15 can attend Slimming World for free*, receiving the unique support that we’re renowned for.

Each Slimming World Consultant has a BMI wheel and special chart to show the range of ideal weights for children – boys and girls from the ages of 11 to 15, as they grow. A children's health guide booklet - Free2Go: A guide for you and your GP – is also available for young members, to gain the support and recommendations of their GP or nurse in moving towards an ideal weight range for a child of their age.

It contains three important pieces of information:

  1. A support form which must be signed by their GP or nurse
  2. Recommendation forms for the GP or nurse to recommend ideal weight goals for the child
  3. BMI charts which allow their GP/nurse to monitor their progress towards the ideal weight for the child/teenager as they grow.

Back in group – with recommendations from their GP – their Slimming World Consultant offers encouragement and support as they make swaps – one step at a time – towards healthier food and a more active lifestyle.  We understand the pressures children face, and the focus is well and truly on positive lifestyle changes – not weight loss and there’s never any pressure to lose weight.

Whether they maintain and grow into the ideal weight range for a child of their age, or lose weight safely and slowly as a recommendation from their nurse or GP, their Slimming World group, Consultant and parent are there every step of the way to celebrate each and every positive step they take to a healthier future.

 (*Children must be accompanied by their parent / guardian.  If the adult is already a member of Slimming World, there is no extra charge. If the accompanying adult is not a member, a reduced weekly fee of £3.95/€7.50 (plus the current joining fee) is charged to the parent / guardian for our help and advice. More information is available in our FAQs)


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