Lose a stone

Lose a stone

I’d like to lose a stone… or two! The mantra of many a slimmer.  Our mantra is lose a stone with Slimming World!  If you lose a stone with Slimming World – just one stone – you’ll gain so much more…

If, to reach your dream weight, you only want to lose a stone then we can help reach that target quickly and effortlessly.  Of course there are many of us who would like to lose more than a stone, and losing those magical 14 pounds is an amazing start on the journey to a slimmer new you! 

  • Lose a stone with Slimming World… and discover a way of slimming that works – for good!
  • Lose a stone with Slimming World… and replace old dieting advice with an easy way to eat healthily that the whole family will enjoy!
  • Lose a stone with Slimming World… you’ll begin to feel more energetic and full of life!
  • Lose a stone with Slimming World… and feel simply fabulous about your brilliant achievement and celebrate with awards in group.
  • Lose a stone with Slimming World… share the success with others, inspiring them to join in with your weight loss campaign.

Lose a stone with Slimming World… and taste the joy of pure success knowing that, whatever your target, you can achieve it easily and enjoyably with the help of Food Optimising, Body Magic, your group and your Consultant.

Millions of Slimming World members have experienced that ‘lose a stone’ feeling, going on to achieve a healthier lifestyle, amazing confidence and self-esteem and a target weight they know they’ll maintain forever….

I've lost one stone in one month at Slimming World and I feel GREAT!  In just one month I’ve turned my health around and feel so energetic that me and my family can hardly believe the change.

Fiona Potter

I’ve just reached 2 milestones in my weight loss journey and both in the same night! I’ve just received my first stone award and have made a dent in the next stone!  My Consultant and group are a constant support. Knowing I’ve lost a stone makes me feel like a million bucks!

Claire Timney

After one week of Food Optimising I’d lost half a stone. As the weeks went by I was losing an average of 3lbs a week, nearly a stone a month! I couldn’t believe how much food I was eating. Eggs fried in low calorie cooking spray with beans on toast for breakfast, a huge bowl of spaghetti bolognese for lunch and homemade chips for tea…  The feeling of healthiness is wonderful and my only regret is that I didn’t find Slimming World ten years ago.

James Cockram

You can lose a stone too. Whatever your target, and however much you’d love to lose, a stone is a brilliant mini-target to start you on your journey of success.  With the help and support of your caring Consultant and a group of like-minded people who are all right behind you, you can lose a stone, two stones, three stones or more and say goodbye to excess weight for good. 

Join the slimming club - Slimming World - together we can do it.

Visit our BMI calculator to discover whether we can help you lose a stone!


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