About Slimming World

Discover the weight loss program from the U.K. that’s different from anything you’ve ever tried before.

About Slimming World

Back in 1969, Margaret Miles-Bramwell OBE started Slimming World in the U.K. to help people lift both the physical and emotional burden of being overweight. Having tried many diets herself, without lasting success, she knew that hunger, deprivation and guilt weren’t the answer. No diet that made you skip meals, give up your favorite foods, eat separately from your family or cut into your social life was ever going to work!

And from that, Slimming World was born—a revolutionary way of losing weight that offers slimmers a genuine solution. Our plan offers no false hope, no gimmicks, and no pills, shakes, or supplements; it's based on sound healthy eating principles and the very latest scientific thinking for a safe, easy and effective way to lose weight with three key steps.

  • Food Optimizing—a healthy eating plan that’s too generous to be called a diet.
  • Body Magic—an activity program that gradually builds moderate exercise into daily life.
  • Support every step of the way—we help our members make the changes needed to lose weight. Plus, we harness the power of group support to help our members through tough times and to celebrate every achievement, big and small.

Slimming World hits the U.S.A.

In the U.K., Slimming World helps more than 800,000 members every week to achieve their weight loss* dreams—and now we're here in the U.S. to offer the same tried and tested weight loss plan that has transformed millions of lives in the U.K.

A message from Margaret

In this video message, Margaret Miles-Bramwell, Slimming World’s founder and president, speaks from the heart about the Slimming World difference—and how we can help you live the healthy, lighter life you've always wanted.

Disclaimer text

*Your weight loss will vary according to your individual circumstances and how much you have to lose.