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3 satisfying snack duos

October 16 2017
By Kate Goodin

Feeling that stomach rumble mid-morning, in the afternoon or after dinner? Only a satisfying snack will do to stem the tide. We don’t believe in going hungry at Slimming World—there are no rules about when you eat, so you eat whenever you’re hungry!

It always helps to have hunger-busting lifesavers handy, and these easy-to-pack, filling snack combos are perfect to stash in your bag, no matter your craving.

Something sweet

Fiber One 90 Calorie Bar, any variety (counted as a Healthy Extra “b” choice) + Grapes (Free)

Many cereal bars count as a Healthy Extra “b” choice, and we’ll set you up with the full list when you join.

Savory side

Hard-boiled eggs (Free) + Cherry tomatoes (Free)

Best of both

4 The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges (any variety except Creamy Swiss Original count as a Healthy Extra “a” choice) + Apple slices (Free)

Free Foods are everyday foods you can eat in unlimited amounts to satisfy your appetite at Slimming World.

Healthy Extras are foods to enjoy in measured amounts alongside Free Foods to help provide a good overall balance of nutrients, particularly calcium and fiber.