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3 ways to score a slimming Super Bowl!

February 3 2019
Sarah Davison
By Sarah Davison

Simple strategies to set you up for weight loss success and make sure you have a great game-day party, too.

3 ways to score a slimming Super Bowl!

Give yourself a pep talk
Concentrating on the bigger picture can help to keep you focused when faced with a table of high-fat, high-sugar foods. Remind yourself why you’re going to the party in the first place: Is it to catch up with old friends or cheer on a favorite team? Keep those reasons top of mind and visualize how eating healthily is going to make you look and feel in a few months’ time.

Stretch your legs
When a party is centered on an on-screen event, it can be all too easy to stay put. To get moving, take a stroll around the house after each quarter, or ask a friend to join you for a walk around the block during half-time (you can always catch Maroon 5 on YouTube!).

Instead of volunteering to bring wine or beer, offer to bring snacks, that way there’ll be something tasty on the table that you can eat while keeping your weight loss on track. Share our crispy chicken tenders, tasty taco salad and ham frittata wedges with your Super Bowl buddies—or try our delicious game-day dips served with Slimming World fries.

Fantastic food, a little exercise, and a stay-on-track mindset…Whether your team wins or not, with those three things in your slimming kit bag, you’ll be well on your way to a weight loss touchdown!


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