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4 ways to freshen up your summer drinks

June 27 2018
By Anna Davies
4 ways to freshen up your summer drinks

With temps outside rising, it’s time to find ways to cool off while sticking to your weight loss goals. Enter a frosty, refreshing beverage—and we’re not talking about just plain ol’ H20. While sodas, juices and iced coffee drinks can be packed with sugar, we’ve got suggestions that will delight your taste buds and fit in with Slimming World’s healthy, flexible eating plan, called Food Optimizing

  1. Flavor your water with fruits and veggies. Channel a spa and use mint leaves, citrus slices, pineapple chunks, whole berries, and cucumber rounds to perk up your water. Add any combination of the above—like strawberry-mint or cucumber-cantaloupe—to a pitcher or water bottle along with plenty of ice and sip throughout the day. Bonus: frozen fruit will double as ice cubes.
  2. Swap still for sparkling. Add variety by trying out plain or flavored seltzer (labeled less than 5 calories per serving). Not only do the bubbles impart a refreshing fizz, you can also get creative by infusing plain sparkling water with your favorite flavor combos (see tip 1). You can also mix up sugar-free drink mixes (labeled less than 5 calories per serving) with plain seltzer instead of still water for some sparkle.
  3. Add sweetness. Swap sugar for a packet or teaspoon of no-calorie granulated sweeteners to sweeten iced coffee or tea and keep your weight loss on track.
  4. Spice things up. Make your own iced pumpkin spice coffee (after all, who says spice is limited to the fall?) by adding a pinch of pumpkin pie spice to your coffee grounds before brewing. Or try dried ground ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, or nutmeg—each will make your coffee taste more robust without added sweeteners, and all taste great over ice!