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The budget buy: Why potatoes are fab for weight loss

January 29 2018
Esther Reynolds
By Esther Reynolds

On average, a pound of potatoes costs about 56 cents. That plus their lengthy shelf life and versatility in recipes means potatoes are a seriously good buy—especially when winter months call for hearty veggies.

Better yet, potatoes, when cooked without fat or oil, are a Free Food with Slimming World, meaning you can eat as much as you want without any counting, weighing or measuring! They’re also full of fiber to help keep you feeling satisfied, and are an excellent source of nutrients like vitamins C and B and potassium when you eat the skins.

Any variety of potato is a Free Food, and we’ve got top tips for cooking with three tasty taters.


Also called Idaho, these potatoes are high in starch and low in moisture. They’re great for baking or mashing, but don’t keep their shape over a long period of cooking, so try other varieties when it comes to adding potatoes to soups, stews, or casseroles.

Try it: As the star ingredient in our signature Slimming World baked fries!


Compared to other potato varieties, these orange jewels have higher levels of beta-carotene. Our bodies convert this to vitamin A, which helps boost immunity and may benefit eye health (and bonus points for nutrients if you eat the skin, too).

Try it: Sweet potatoes are the perfect pair for spicy pork and poblanos in this hearty, Mexican-spiced stew.

Yukon Gold

These spuds have a medium starch content, which means they can hold their shape in soups, stews, and salads. They’re on the creamier side and are delicious no matter how you prepare them.

Try it: Change out russets for Yukon Golds in our mashed potatoes recipe, which also swaps sour cream for fat-free Greek yogurt to keep your weight loss safe.