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“Can I drink alcohol and still lose weight?”

May 5 2019
By Monica Montero

Yes, you can! Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo weekend, or enjoying a regular night out with friends—with our top tips and tactics you can protect your weight loss and stay well on track for success…

Toast to the holidays—and your weight loss

Discover your tipping point
As well as the calories in alcohol (often much higher than we realize, and they don’t fill us up like the calories in food), Slimming World research has revealed that having slightly too much alcohol (reaching what we call our “tipping point”) can tip us into drinking and eating far more than we ever intended. And, as a result, this can have an impact on our weight.

After reaching our personal tipping point, our inhibitions weaken, along with our best intentions. And whether it’s alcohol-soaking late-night snacks (often high in fat) or a greasy breakfast the next morning, you could end up consuming as many as 6,300 extra calories overall—and that could stack up to a weight gain of almost 2lbs!

Prepare to have fun
In a survey of Slimming World members, an overwhelming majority reported that they still enjoy a drink and lose weight, and 92 percent said that following our Food Optimizing eating plan helped them cut back on the booze. Here are a few proven strategies for enjoying a drink (or two!) and seeing great results on the scales:

Top tips for delicious drinks

So, now you’ve got an action plan in place, you can say yes to all those invitations, raise your glass, and say cheers to a slimmer you!

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