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How can you eat unlimited pasta with Slimming World?

October 17 2017
By Kate Goodin

October is my favorite month for many reasons, and it being National Pasta Month is definitely one of them. Even better: pasta is a Free Food with our healthy eating plan, called Food Optimizing.

How Can You Eat Unlimited Pasta With Slimming World?

Free Foods are everyday foods from any grocery store that you can eat in unlimited amounts to satisfy your appetite. That means there’s no counting, weighing or measuring—just eat them freely.

You read that right…this means you can eat pasta freely with Food Optimizing! At first, it sounds like the opposite of all weight-loss advice out there. Jacquie Lavin, RNutr., Slimming World’s Head of Nutrition and Research, explains why and how this carb classic will help your weight loss.

How is it OK to eat unlimited amounts of pasta and lose weight?

A common diet myth is that carbs are bad for weight loss. “Rest assured that anything that’s a Free Food with Slimming World is low in energy density (calories per gram) and highly satiating (filling). This means you’ll start to feel full from the amount of pasta you’ve eaten before you take in many calories. So it naturally helps you reduce your calorie intake, making it great for weight loss. That includes dried pasta and rice, potatoes and any other Free starchy carbohydrates,” says Lavin.

What we’re eating with the pasta is also important. While pasta is low in energy density, it’s often the sauce that goes with it that’s high in fat and calories, so this is where we need to choose carefully to help our weight loss. “But if you’re enjoying pasta as a meal, especially with some lean protein and at least a third of a plate of non-starchy vegetables, it can help you feel full, so losing weight feels easier and is more sustainable,” says Lavin.

For extra filling power and health benefits, opt for whole grain or brown rice and whole wheat pasta where you can.

If whole wheat pasta and brown rice is a Free Food, is whole wheat bread, too? Bread isn’t a Free Food: “It’s just too easy to overeat, and is also a ‘carrier’ for foods with higher energy density (calories), such as butter, spreads and jelly,” explains Lavin. “You still get to enjoy measured amounts of whole wheat bread as a Healthy Extra choice.”

Taste a few of our filling pasta recipes to see how delicious and enjoyable losing weight is with Slimming World!