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How to cook fish confidently

March 9 2018
Marge Perry
By Marge Perry

How to cook fish confidently

In addition to being great for overall health, and a quick-cooking source of lean protein, fish is a Free Food on Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, called Food Optimizing. This means we eat fish* freely to satisfy our appetite, without any weighing, counting or measuring.

If you’re feeling a little lost at sea when it comes to buying or cooking fish, here’s what you need to know before diving in:

Best buying tips

Store for freshness

Cook and enjoy!

Add a boost of flavor to any plain cooked fish with one of these easy Free Food toppings:

*The American Heart Association recommends eating fish (particularly oily fish) at least twice a week. There are certain groups of people, such as young children, moms-to-be and breastfeeding moms, who are advised to limit consumption of certain fish or shellfish. Please visit for more information.