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Enjoy summer gatherings and still lose weight

May 10 2018
Grace Kelly
By Grace Kelly
Enjoy summer gatherings and still lose weight

From graduation parties to Memorial Day barbecues—and all the way through Labor Day—May is when the summer social calendar starts to fill up. How do you navigate the cookouts, picnics and buffets while keeping your weight loss going smoothly?

Thanks to Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, there’s room to fill up on summer staples like grilled lean meat and seafood, veggies, fruit, pasta and potatoes, all while keeping your weight loss totally on track. Whether the party’s at your house or at a friend’s, here are some tips for making the most of your summer gatherings, Slimming World-style.

If you’re the guest:

  1. BYOD (bring your own dish): Bring along a hearty, delicious dish that you know will support your weight loss goals—fellow guests likely won’t guess that it’s slimming-friendly. Dr. Jacquie Lavin, Slimming World’s head of nutrition and research, loves to take a Slimming World riff on potato salad: “Mix cooked new potatoes with plain fat-free yogurt, chopped chives, chopped broiled Canadian bacon, and chopped celery for extra crunch.”
  2. Load up on dishes that will support your weight loss: Go for veggie-packed dishes as much as possible, steering clear of those with cheese or mayonnaise. Grilled lean meat or fish and plain baked potatoes are also on-plan choices.
  3. Fuel up before you head out: Eating a filling breakfast or lunch before your event means you won’t be starving when you arrive. That will help you make food choices with a clear head, and focus more on the socializing and fun!

If you’re hosting:

  1. Stock the cooler: Stay refreshed and on track with water (still or sparkling), diet or zero sodas, or unsweetened iced tea. If alcohol is on the menu, offer diet soda or sparkling water as mixers with wine and liquor to make the drink go further. “Spritzers last longer and can be much more refreshing than a glass of wine,” says Slimming World dietitian Carolyn Pallister. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water, seltzer or diet soda to stay hydrated and to protect your weight loss.
  2. Spice up simple staples: Keep your menu simple, yet filling and delicious, with a selection of lean meats, firm-fleshed fish, and a rainbow of vegetables, all of which are great tossed on the grill. Shake things up with various seasonings, like garlic powder and plenty of black pepper for steaks, lemon and dill for seafood, or a Tex-Mex take on chicken with chili powder and cumin. “I love to use peppers and Old Bay seasoning to spice up my meals,” says Slimming World member Tina from Denton, Texas, who has lost 20 pounds with Slimming World.
  3. Save room for dessert: Just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean dessert is off limits! Serve a simple fruit salad or, for a little patriotic flair, whip up this no-bake, lightened-up red, white and blue trifle.