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Fuel your summer road trips

July 25 2018
By Anna Davies
Fuel your summer road trips

Hitting the road this summer? Whether you’re going on a one-hour adventure or a multi-state journey, you’ll need fuel for your trip—and not just for your car! With a little forward thinking and Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, called Food Optimizing, as a guide, you’ll find tons of tasty food options to help you stay full as you rack up the miles. Here are three tips to make your road trip a success.

Pack easy-grab eats

Stash these in your car and cooler for quick access if you’re the navigator or passenger. They’re all Free Food with Slimming World—so you can eat them without any weighing, counting or measuring:

Enjoy a roadside picnic

Pull over at a rest stop to spread out and enjoy a full meal. Bonus, you’ll get a chance to stretch your legs! (If you’re the driver, it’s always a good idea to take regular breaks to fuel, stretch and refresh.)

For food safety, aim to keep food in coolers below 40°F. Keep everything cold by placing ice packs underneath and on top of your food, and fill in any gaps with frozen water bottles or ice—the fuller the cooler, the more insulated it will be.

Look beyond the rest stop

Even if you stocked up on snacks before you hit the road, sometimes the well runs dry. While the convenience store may sometimes seem like the only option, consider going a bit farther afield if it’s not too far out of your way. Make a pit stop at a grocery store and load a cooler with hard-boiled eggs from the salad bar, or lean deli meats. If you see a farm stand, pick up some fresh, in-season fruit and veggies. And if there’s nothing but that convenience store for miles, chances are it’ll at least have fat-free plain yogurt or fruit and veggie cups—keeping you on the road to weight loss success!