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Handling Halloween candy: we got this!

October 24 2017
By Kate Goodin

As we prep for the slew of trick-or-treaters this weekend, with candy galore everywhere, is it possible to stick to our weight-loss plans? It absolutely is! Never fear—our members have a few tips for staying on track amid candy craziness:

Give out candy you don’t like, or non-candy treats—if candy is a trigger food, sometimes it’s best to steer clear. And no need to worry about your house being TP’d—you’ll still be a trick-or-treat hit with dollar-store spider rings or stickers, and parents will love you for bucking the trend. If homemade Halloween treats are allowed, how about boo-nana ghosts, with chocolate chips for eyes and raisins for mouths, and clementine pumpkins with kiwi stems?

Handling Halloween candy: we got this!

Enjoy some candy—yes, you read that right! No food is banned with Slimming World, and members have a daily Syns allowance to spend each day on whatever we like. A few pieces of fun-size candy can fit into a day’s Syns allowance and keep our weight loss on track.

Donate candy—if you have more candy around than you’d like, many dentist offices will accept or buy back Halloween candy and ship it to troops overseas. Patriotic and protects your weight loss!