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Have a healthy (and fun!) Halloween

October 29 2018
Sarah Davison
By Sarah Davison

Make all those neighborhood ghosts and ghoulies happy and keep your weight loss on track with our tried-and-tested Halloween hacks:

Think outside the candy box
Consider switching things up and giving out non-candy treats. Dollar-store spider rings or stickers will still be a trick-or-treat hit – and parents will love you for bucking the trend. Or get creative and hand out homemade Halloween treats, such as boo-nana ghosts, with chocolate chips for eyes and raisins for mouths, and clementine pumpkins with kiwi stems.

Handling Halloween candy: we got this!

Enjoy a little of what you fancy
No food is banned with Slimming World, and members have a daily Syns allowance to spend each day on whatever we like. So you can indulge your sweet tooth with a few pieces of the kids’ fun-size candy and keep your weight loss on track.

Donate what you don’t eat
If you have more leftover candy around than you’d like, many dentists across the country are now offering a candy-swap starting on November 1; trade your sweets for a toy treat (or cash!) instead. Meanwhile local businesses might collect Halloween candy for shipping to troops overseas – so you can be patriotic and protect your weight loss at the same time. That really is a handy trick for your treats!