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Why I’m thinking about New Year’s on Halloween

October 26 2017
By Kate Goodin

Sticking with our weight-loss goals through Halloween can feel more daunting than throwing together a last-minute costume. With all the candy and party food around—plus a slide right into Thanksgiving and Christmas—our weight-loss dreams can easily be shelved until the new year.

This got me thinking: there are 10 weeks left in 2017—and each one can absolutely count towards our weight-loss dreams. We could lose up to 20 pounds* by the start of 2018!

Halloween is just one day in those 10 weeks, and even if there are more treats than tricks, all we have to do is get right back on the saddle and keep going, leaning on My Slimming Group for support.

Here’s to beginning our New Year’s resolutions today!

Why I’m Thinking About New Year’s on Halloween
*Your weight loss will vary according to your individual circumstances and how much you have to lose.