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“What I’ve learnt about…making weight loss last”

March 30 2019
Adam Carpenter
By Adam Carpenter

When Jodie Rigby-Mee lost 84lbs* at Slimming World, it was the start of a love affair with healthy eating that she knows will last for the rest of her life. Here’s what she learnt along the way…

“What I’ve learnt about…making weight loss last"

It’s always good to share your worries
“It took a humiliating vacation experience to make me finally open up. I was away with my girlfriends and overheard a group of boys making cruel comments about my weight. It took my breath away and, back in our hotel room, I sobbed for hours. When I got home, I confided in my godmother and discovered that she wasn’t happy with her weight, either. She knew exactly how I felt and suggested we both join Slimming World.”

You don’t have to give up anything
“It didn’t take me long to realize that, after spending years with no idea how to get started with my weight loss, I’d now found a place where everyone had the exact same goals as me. And Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, Food Optimizing, made perfect sense—it was all about making simple swaps. At over 230lbs, I already had all the motivation I needed to try them all. Pasta and sauce was my favorite dinner and I found I could easily make it slimming friendly. And having breakfasts like oatmeal with fresh fruit, and lunches of leftover pasta salad kept me full throughout the day. In my first week, I lost 5½lbs! After that I averaged a loss of around 1-2lbs a week and was soon ticking off my weight loss milestones.”

Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym
“Once I’d lost around 40lbs, encouraged by Slimming World’s gentle, get-started activity program called Body Magic, I felt confident enough to do some exercise. To ease myself in gently, I began going for evening walks. Walking soon turned into jogging, and eventually running! My dream of slimming to a size 8 suddenly felt possible.”

Letting go of guilt and shame will change your life
“One of the best things I learnt at Slimming World is that no one is perfect—and that’s OK. Stress was my top trigger for self-sabotage. Sometimes, after a hard day, I’d feel like I couldn’t stop eating candy and would go way over my daily Syns. I’d feel awful about it, thinking I’d ruined my weight loss for that week and might as well give up. Then, with the support I found at Slimming World, I slowly got used to not judging myself so harshly. Soon, if I had a slip up, I’d just put it behind me and get back on plan—no guilt. After all, if you fall over in the street, you simply pick yourself up again, don’t you?”

Being a healthy role model is the greatest motivation
“Reaching my final target weight of 147lbs was a truly wonderful moment for me, and I knew I wanted to stay slim and healthy forever. I carried on combining Food Optimizing and Body Magic to maintain my weight, and felt so proud when I was able to get married wearing a size-6 wedding dress. And after a little while, I found out I had a whole new reason to stay healthy—I was having a baby! I had a happy, healthy pregnancy and after my son was born, I was able to lose the baby weight. My motivation was the knowledge that my weight loss and healthy lifestyle was no longer just for me. It’s setting a great example to my family, and that’s the best feeling in the world.”


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*Your weight loss will vary according to your individual circumstances and the amount you have to lose.