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Let it snow, let it snow…

December 28 2018
Sarah Davison
By Sarah Davison
Let it snow, let it snow…

As a kid, waking up to a snow day was the best thing ever. As adults, well, it can often seem a good reason to stay put for the day. But there’s no need to hibernate! Ahead, find tips for making the most of a fresh snowfall—while getting moving in the process.

Put your best foot forward
To ensure toasty feet—and your overall outdoor safety—invest in a pair of warm, sturdy snow boots with plenty of traction for ice or snow. Keep them by the front door for an instant reminder to put them to good use with a brisk, wintry walk.

Bring out your inner child
Remember when a snow day was an excuse to play? Recapture that same feeling of joy as a grown-up, either with the same activities that were so much fun back then—building snow forts, having a snowball fight, making a snowman—or newer ones, like snowshoeing.

Dress for the weather
When piling on layers, take into account that you’ll be moving around. Moisture-wicking and high-performance fabrics like cotton, nylon, and Tencel will feel cooler against your skin than wooly knits, so try layering these underneath your sweaters.

Warm up from the inside out
When it’s sweltering out, it’s easy to remember to drink lots of water, but it’s just as important in colder temperatures, especially when you’re getting active. If cold water is the last thing you want when it’s chilly, try sipping a cup of herbal tea before heading outside—and as a warming reward once you’ve returned.

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