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Make your weight-loss resolutions stick

January 25 2019
Sarah Davison
By Sarah Davison

6 smart strategies to give your healthy-eating campaign serious staying power.

Meal prep once—eat healthy all week!

Throw back to January 1 2019 – the day your weight-loss plans began in earnest and you were raring to go. Do you still feel that way? Or, as the end of the month approaches, are your good intentions starting to fall apart? Well, with our tried-and-tested eating plan, and some powerful slimming strategies, here’s how you can fix your resolve well into February and beyond…

1 Eat your fill
If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to doom a new-year weight-loss resolution, it’s being hungry, especially in the long winter months. One of the first things you’ll discover at Slimming World is that you never have to deprive yourself to see the difference in the scale. Food Optimizing, our flexible healthy eating plan, centers around Free Food—these are foods that are naturally lower in calories and filling, so you can enjoy them in unlimited amounts to satisfy your appetite. They include pasta, potatoes, rice, lean meat and fish, beans and pulses, and most fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. Basing your meals around these staples—that some weight-loss plans rule out entirely or limit to small portions—will keep your energy, mood and motivation up.

2 Focus on the foods you love
Make a list of your favorite meals, no matter how unlikely you think it is that they’re on plan. Then prepare to be amazed by how many you can still have! “There’s no cutting out whole food groups in Food Optimizing, which helps our members to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet right from those first few weeks of weight loss,” says Dr Jacquie Lavin, Slimming World’s head of nutrition and research. This means that, with just a little Food Optimizing know-how, you can include the foods you love most. Often, all it takes is a change to the way you cook, such as dodging the deep-fat fryer and baking home-made fries in cooking spray. You’ll find lots of Food Optimizing versions of your best-loved dishes on our website—from cheeseburger and fries, to spaghetti meatball pie—so you can plan a week of healthy meals for yourself and discover just what a versatile way of eating it is.

3 Enjoy being Syn-ful
Remember that feeling when you were kid and your mom told you not to touch something? Well, you just had to touch it! And the same psychology applies when you’re told not to eat something. “That’s why, at Slimming World, no foods are banned,” says Dr Jacquie Lavin. “Foods that are the least filling and higher in calories, like candy, cake and alcohol, are counted as Syns when you’re Food Optimizing, so you can enjoy a little of what you like and never feel deprived.” It’s entirely up to you what you use them on—the less you feel like you’re on a “diet”, the more likely you are to stay with your new healthier habits for good.

4 Go at your own pace
Do you tend to go full-speed-ahead with fitness resolutions and then end up exhausting yourself? Or does just the thought of hitting the gym put you off exercise altogether? The answer to both dilemmas is to pace yourself. “Body Magic, our gentle get-started activity plan, is a step-by-step approach that’s perfect for sustaining those new-year goals,” says Dr Jacquie Lavin. “The focus is on finding something that you enjoy and gradually working up to more activity at a rate that suits you.”

5 Remind yourself why
There are many reasons for resolving to lose weight. Maybe you’re out of breath after a few minutes of baseball with the kids, or you know that your size is beginning to impact on your health. Whatever your reason, never losing sight of it is one of your greatest weight-loss weapons. Especially when you’re having a wobble. It’s at those moments that it can help to carry with you a small, physical reminder of the reason (or reasons) why you want to be slim—a photo of your kids, or a piece of paper with your motivation for joining Slimming World written on it. Then, if you feel like your weight-loss plans are coming unstuck, you can take it out to help renew your resolve.

6 Celebrate every step
OK, so your old college certificates may be gathering dust, but you can probably recall the feeling of being rewarded for your efforts, and how incredibly motivating it is. And the achievements of losing weight and changing behavior are not to be underestimated. When you join a supportive Slimming World online group, you’ll celebrate every 7lbs lost with your fellow members, cementing the commitment you’ve made to changing your lifestyle and inspiring you to continue. Of course, the greatest reward of all is when you step on the scales and realize you’ve hit your target and achieved your resolution. So get into the Slimming World groove and make 2019 your year!

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