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MVP tips for game-day gatherings

February 1 2018
By Kate Goodin

MVP tips for game-day gatherings

While game-day parties make for some of the most fun days of the year, they can also be challenging when we’re protecting our weight loss. These simple strategies will set you up for success and make sure you have a great time, too.

Give yourself a pep talk
Why are you going to the party in the first place? Is it to catch up with old friends or cheer on a favorite team? Keeping those reasons top of mind can lessen the focus on food. If you know there will be a tempting spread, visualize how you’d like to respond to that. As a member, your Slimming Group Consultant will take you step-by-step through visualization and how powerful it can be for protecting our weight loss. “Visualization is key for me,” says Susan, a Slimming World member from Texas who has lost 7 pounds on the program so far.

Stretch your legs
When a party is centered on an on-screen event, it can be all too easy to stay put. To get moving, take a stroll around the house after each quarter, or ask a friend to join you for a walk around the block during halftime (you can always catch the performance on YouTube!).

Instead of volunteering to bring wine or beer, offer to bring snacks, which will help ensure there’s something tasty on the table that you can eat and keep your weight loss on track. “By bringing on-plan snacks to the potluck and sharing with my buddies, I can make sure I stay on plan while I cheer on my team,” Susan says. Her favorite snack: white bean dip, made with canned white beans blended with fat-free plain yogurt, lime juice, and a clove of garlic, paired with fresh veggies. Find more game-day dip ideas here!