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Optimize your pantry for weight loss

January 24 2018
By Anna Davies

As the saying goes, success is where preparation and opportunity meet. And the more we fill our pantries with things that will help us reach our weight loss goals, the better prepared we are to achieve them. “Making sure you have plenty of items that you know fit into your plan and having meal ideas in mind can set you up for success,” says Yvonne Sanders, head of operations at Slimming World U.S. Ahead, she shares eight staples she keeps on hand to stay on track.

1. Pasta

“Pasta is a Free Food with Slimming World’s eating plan,” notes Sanders, which means you can eat as much of it as you like—as long as it’s boxed and dried rather than fresh.

2. Cooking spray

Instead of using oil or butter when cooking, switch over to cooking spray. Up to 10 sprays are Free on the plan.

3. Canned tuna in water

“I love canned tuna,” says Sanders, who often tosses the no-sodium, water-packed variety (rather than those packed in oil) into hearty salads as a quick source of lean protein.

4. Rice

“Rice is Free on the plan, as long as it’s dried and unprocessed,” explains Sanders. Instead of microwavable rice or mixes, which usually contain oil, boil plain rice, which will help keep you full.

5. Black beans

Keep a can of low-sodium black beans in the pantry, and you’re halfway to Taco Tuesday. “My family and I will do taco nights, and I’ll skip the shell and use a bed of lettuce and rice instead if I want the meal to be Free,” Sanders says.

6. Canned tomatoes

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Jarred tomato sauce can be loaded with oil, sugar and salt. Instead, Sanders suggests stocking up on crushed tomatoes and tomato paste, which make the perfect base for a homemade sauce.

7. Oats

“Prepackaged oatmeal may contain added sugars,” Sanders says. Instead, opt for plain oats, which you can then use in our overnight oats recipe. Breakfast has never been easier (or tastier)!

8. Sugar substitutes

Being on plan doesn’t mean you can’t sweeten your coffee. Simply swap regular sugar for no-calorie granulated sweetener. And it doesn’t mean an end to baking projects either, when you follow Slimming World recipes!