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Pack the ultimate spread of healthy picnic food

July 13 2018
By Anna Davies

Pack the ultimate spread of healthy picnic food

What better way to enjoy a summer meal than from a picnic blanket? With Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, called Food Optimizing, you can pack your basket with tons of filling, delicious foods, to fuel a day of outdoor fun and keep your weight loss on track.

Pack picnic classics. Many go-to picnic foods are Free Food with Slimming World, meaning you can eat until you’re satisfied—no weighing, counting or measuring needed. These portable picks can be enjoyed by the whole group, and they’re all Free Food.

Fill up with hearty dishes. These recipes are all filled with Free Food, delicious cold or at room temperature, and will keep you and your crew going for an all-day picnic.

For food safety, aim to leave food out at room temperature for 2 hours max—anything left out longer is best discarded.

Sip and stay hydrated. There are lots of on-plan drinks that go beyond plain water, though that’s always a good option (and frozen water bottles handily double as ice packs).

Add in a frisbee or a ball to toss around, a checkered blanket, and you’re perfectly picnic-ready!