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Your poke bowl primer

June 27 2019
Esther Reynolds
By Esther Reynolds

If poke bowl pictures have been dominating your Instagram feed lately, it’s probably because this nutritious Hawaiian staple is as fun to look at as it is to eat. But did you know that you can still enjoy them while sticking to your weight loss goals? Read on for poke basics, including how to make your own photo-worthy version—the healthy, Slimming World way!

Your poke bowl primer

What is poke?
Poke (pronounced POH-keh) translates roughly to “cut crosswise into pieces” in Hawaiian and is typically made by tossing fresh, firm fish like ahi tuna with onions and soy sauce, before eating it over rice. In The Aloha State, you can find this ubiquitous dish in restaurants and supermarkets—you’ll even find it in gas stations and sold out of coolers on the side of the road. As poke has grown in popularity, however, so have the creative variations: Bowls may be topped with salmon, shrimp, tofu, or chicken, and finished with everything from chilies and mushrooms to chopped mango and radishes.

Make it at home
If you’re ready to hop on the poke train, you’re in luck: Plain steamed rice and most seafood, lean meat, and plain tofu are Free Foods on Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, called Food Optimizing, meaning you can eat them freely to satisfy your appetite. First, choose your protein: If you have access to fresh, sushi-grade fish, raw tuna or salmon are great choices, but cooked shrimp and tofu work just as well. Whichever you choose, add reduced-sodium soy sauce to taste and toss with chopped sweet onion, shallot, or scallions before piling the mix over steamed plain white or brown rice. Finally, finish it off with bright and flavorful toppings like shredded carrots, bean sprouts, edamame, and sliced jalapeños.

Order it out
It’s also possible to enjoy poke when dining out, provided you ask for your bowl to be made without any added fat, like toasted sesame oil or creamy, mayo-based sauces. And while you’ll want to steer clear of certain toppings, such as avocado and sesame seeds, loading up on other fresh Free Food options like cucumbers, shredded cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and herbs is still guaranteed to produce poke perfection!

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