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Spring break 101

March 18 2019
By Monica Montero

Got the kids at home for spring break? Here are 3 easy ways to keep them happy, at the same time as keeping your weight loss on track.

Spring break 101

Have slimming snacks on stand-by
Pre-prepping vegetable sticks and individual bags of sliced apples means there’s always an easy, healthy option ready for you or the children to grab and go. Or you could go a step further and fill the fridge with filling Food Optimizing goodies, like wedges of savory ham frittata, or our refreshing watermelon, blueberry and cucumber salad.

Plan fun (and free!) activities
Let’s face it, if it was up to the kids, they’d probably lay around the house watching TV or playing video games all day. So you being more active will have the added benefit of helping to get the little ones moving, too. Put some music on and dance around the house with them, play outside together in the back yard or local park, or even just go for a family walk around the shopping mall—all fun activities that don’t cost a thing, and that fit perfectly with Body Magic, Slimming World’s gentle, get-started activity plan.

Spend time in the kitchen together
Children often love to help with the cooking, so get them searching for Slimming World recipes online with you, discovering fun and creative ways to make healthy meals, then pitching in to help with simple prep, like mixing and stirring. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together and make precious memories—plus it’s also a sneaky opportunity to introduce the kids to new healthy foods: if they help to cook it, they’re very likely to be keen to eat it, too!

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