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Toast to the holidays—and your weight loss

December 7 2017
By Kate Goodin

Toast to the holidays—and your weight loss

There’s so much to raise a glass to during the holidays, whether that’s a festive happy hour with coworkers or enjoying a glass of wine by the fire.

Alcohol definitely helps make the season merrier, though it’s easy to have more than we mean to. This leads us past our “tipping point”—that point when we start to eat things we normally wouldn’t, drink more than usual, and cancel plans like our morning walk. Slimming World research found the average person’s tipping point is just three glasses of wine; once we hit that point we could consume an extra 6,000 calories that night and the following day.

Now for the good news: It’s possible—and enjoyable!—to have a few drinks and keep our weight loss on track. Our members have found success with these tips, and you’ll find much more in your Slimming Group weekly meetings as a member.

Have in mind what you’d like

Plan ahead: what drink would you like to enjoy? Give your choice some thought beforehand (even checking the drinks menu online if you can) and stick with it so you won’t feel tempted by creamy, sugary concoctions.

Switch it up

Alternate alcoholic drinks with diet or zero sodas, seltzer or good ol’ H20. You’ll still have a drink in hand through the night, and less of a headache the morning after.

Forgive yourself

If you had one too many…you’re in good company! We’re human, we all have a few more drinks than we intended sometimes—it happens. Forgive yourself, draw a line under it, and decide how you’d like to handle the next gathering differently.