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Be a weight loss champ over the Easter weekend

April 19 2019
Sarah Davison
By Sarah Davison

Can you really lose weight when you’re surrounded by baskets of chocolate eggs and jelly beans from the Easter bunny? Absolutely! Here’s our Slimming World guide to enjoying the holiday weekend while keeping your weight loss sweetly on track.

Be a weight loss champ over the Easter weekend

4 ways to enjoy an egg-cellent Easter

1 Plan ahead
Sleeping late can be a real weekend treat, and a little forward planning will help you enjoy the extra time in bed without the break in your usual routine slowing down your weight loss journey. Shop in advance so you have the ingredients to cook up a potato hash for brunch—or if you fancy something sweet, why not go for our berry-loaded cinnamon French toast?

2 Lighten up lunch
If you’re eating out at lunchtime (or any time, for that matter!), check out the menu before you get there so you’ve got a good idea of what the healthier options will be. At a carvery, choose lean meats, such as beef or gammon, trimming off any visible fat, with plenty of vegetables, while a tomato-based pasta dish, or a vegetable chili served over a baked potato or boiled rice, are good choices at a restaurant or diner.

3 Fake a takeout
Whether you’re with your family, your other half, or having a girls’ night in, you can often sit down to a weight loss-friendly version of your favorite takeout in less time than it would have taken to order in! Stock up on plenty of lean meat, fish and fresh vegetables, as well as a few store-cupboard basics like dried rice and noodles—all Free Foods on Slimming World’s Food Optimizing eating plan—and you’ll have everything you need to make your favorite takeout dishes, from Chinese chicken and fried rice, to classic cheeseburger and fries.

4 Swerve the sweet stuff
When you’ve got kids, the house can be full of candy and sweets at the best of times, and Easter takes it to a whole new level! Have some sweet treats of your own to hand, like chopped fresh fruit and berries mixed with fat-free yogurt, or a scoop of reduced-fat ice cream. Or make a gorgeous and slimming dessert, like our special-occasion trifle—it looks stunning, and tastes so good you’ll soon forget about the chocolate!

PLUS: Your easy Easter Day menu egg-stravaganza!

Brunch Whip up some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, dip roasted veggies and rolled lean deli meat into deliciously soft-boiled eggs, or start your day with the wow factor and serve up sophisticated asparagus and poached eggs.

Dinner You can’t beat a traditional pot roast when you’re serving a crowd. And for side dishes, you’ll love our classic mashed potatoes recipe, and quick and tasty crispy kale.

Dessert A spiced melon medley makes a refreshingly fruity dessert, or enjoy springtime flavors with layered banana pudding or saucy lemon crepes. Or you could go for a full-on seasonal chocolate fix of course! Our frozen caramel bites can be conveniently made ahead, while these chocolate mug puddings microwave in seconds and make an elegant finish to your feast.


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