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Welcome to our new blog!

October 2 2017
By Kate Goodin
Welcome to our new blog!

Hello world! I’m so excited to give you a huge, warm welcome to Slimming World’s weight-loss blog.

What is Slimming World, you ask? A great question, since we’re new around here.

As you can guess from our blog name, Slimming World is a weight-loss service—specifically, an online weight-loss program for people who love food (<–that’s me, and it might be you, too!)

How does Slimming World work? Our program combines a healthy, no-hunger eating plan (one where you can eat unlimited pasta—seriously), a gentle approach to activity, and most importantly, real-time, online group support from folks going through weight-loss ups and downs together.

We started this blog to introduce ourselves to you, and give you a taste of what you’ll get as a member. Here, we’ll dish up delicious recipes, all made with everyday food from the grocery store; offer tips for handling tricky times; and blow you away with our majorly-inspiring member success stories.

Lastly—allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kate, your blog guide—senior digital editor at Slimming World, Jersey City, NJ resident, food lover, cat snuggler, yoga practicer, and tea drinker. Also, a fairly frequent work traveler—stay tuned for adventures in Dallas, TX, home of our USA headquarters, and Derbyshire, England—where Slimming World was born.

Whether you’re just starting out on your weight-loss journey or approaching your dream weight, we’re so excited to have you along for the ride!