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What’s cooking? Exploring Moroccan food at home

February 5 2018
Esther Reynolds
By Esther Reynolds

With its brightly colored tiles, intricately woven tapestries, and bustling open-air markets, Morocco provides a delight for the senses at every turn—though of everything this North African country has to offer, its distinctive cuisine may be the most famous. And it’s steadily gaining in popularity—in their 2018 trend report, Pinterest reported a whopping 2,579 percent increase in saves to dishes labeled “Moroccan”.  

Abundantly spiced and brimming with flavor, Moroccan ingredients have another benefit: many of them work seamlessly within the Slimming World plan. Before you get started at home, stock up on a few staples—all Free Food with Slimming World, meaning you can eat as much as you like—often found at the heart of the country’s cuisine.

What’s cooking? Exploring Moroccan food at home

Look for ras el hanout and preserved lemons in specialty stories or order them online.