Meet the Slimming World team

Our academics and health professionals bring together a wealth of experience in weight management, nutrition, behavior change, and physical activity.

The team

Everything we do at Slimming World is guided by leading experts in weight-loss management and related fields. 

Between our in-house team of registered dietitians, nutritionists, researchers, and our specialist advisory panel, we have access to experts in a wide range of disciplines, including nutrition, physical activity, psychology, child and adult health, and behavior change. 

These teams help shape every detail of our program, from our Food Optimizing approach, to Body Magic, to online group meeting facilitation. 

Paul Sacher, RD, PhD: Chief Research and Development Officer, USA @drpaulsacher

Dr. Paul Sacher is a leading program director, expert, and scientist in the fields of weight management, nutrition, and health. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives of adults and children struggling with overweight and obesity.

Over the last 20 years he has been working to develop, evaluate, and disseminate effective lifestyle weight-management programs globally. At Slimming World, Paul brings his experience of adapting weight-management programs internationally by overseeing the digital translation, scaling, and evaluation of Slimming World’s hugely successful U.K. and Ireland program for the USA.

He has played a key role in the Slimming World team working on developing a global digital weight-management program that is effective, innovative, engaging, scalable, and accessible

Jacquie Lavin, MMedSci, PhD, RNutr: Head of Nutrition and Research

Jacquie has a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and completed a PhD investigating factors involved in appetite regulation at the University of Sheffield in 1998.

Jacquie heads Slimming World’s Nutrition and Research team, whose activities include providing nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice to support development of the Slimming World program, health policies, and resources, developing partnerships with the public health sector and leading an active research program both in-house and with external collaborators, commissioning studies, and providing research expertise.

Working with colleagues from public health services in the U.K., Jacquie played a key role in pioneering  "slimming on referral"—a partnership between health professionals and private weight-management organizations to enable patients to receive regular, ongoing support to effectively manage their weight. 

Slimming World’s extensive research program continues to support the ongoing development of services to members and describes the science and evidence base behind our weight-management program.

Carolyn Pallister, BSC, RD: Public Health Manager 

Carolyn is an experienced Registered Dietitian and joined Slimming World in 2006, having graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a first in Dietetics.

She is responsible for developing and managing Slimming World's public health program, including contributing to public health consultations, managing the ongoing health research program, and developing information for health professionals. She also ensures our health policies and practices are continually developed and our program, training, and written health content is kept up to date and in line with latest guidance and evidence on nutrition and health for effective, healthy weight management.   

Jenny Barber MSc, RNutr. (Public Health): Nutritionist

Jenny joined Slimming World in October 2008 with a masters in Public Health Nutrition. She works with the nutrition team helping to check all health and nutrition-based literature published by Slimming World. In addition, she has a key role in reviewing the latest literature and guidelines on weight management and nutrition to ensure that Slimming World’s policies and advice to members are always at the forefront of current nutrition research.

Alex Clark, MSc, ANutr: Nutritionist  

Alex has a Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences from University of Nottingham. She joined Slimming World in December 2015 as a company nutritionist and supports the nutrition and public health team in ensuring all our health and dietary advice is continually up to date and in line with emerging best practice in weight management and current health and nutrition guidance. She also supports the continued development of our health-related policies and works alongside the Public Health Manager to develop information and resources for health professionals.



Amanda Avery PhD, RD: Consultant Dietitian in weight management

Amanda initially joined Slimming World on a part-time basis after project managing the Slimming World on Referral feasibility study. She worked in Southern Derbyshire for over 20 years as a community dietitian, with both a public health remit and as a clinician working in primary care, before moving to Nottingham University in 2009 where she is currently Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics.

While previously helping to develop the Slimming World on Referral program, Amanda’s attention at Slimming World is now focused on helping to establish a growing body of evidence to support the role of commercial slimming organizations in providing weight-management services.

Sarah Bennett, MSc, PhD: Research Associate

After completing her Masters in Human Nutrition, Sarah gained her PhD in the Centre for Public Health at Queen’s University, Belfast in 2015.

Sarah joined Slimming World in 2015, bringing with her a wealth of scientific and nutrition research expertise to support the successful coordination and delivery of research studies, working with academic collaborators and the in-house team.

Laura Holloway, MSc: Research Associate

Laura gained her Master’s degree in Health Psychology in 2010 and then embarked on a successful career in healthcare research, spanning the public and private sector.

Laura joined the research team in 2015, bringing a wealth of project management and qualitative and quantitative research experience and knowledge to support Slimming World’s extensive research portfolio.

Joe Toon, BSc (Hons), MBPsS, Data Analyst

Joe gained his bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Health Studies in 2016, gaining a wealth of research experience as a research intern during his studies across various psychology research projects at De Montfort University. Joe joined the Nutrition and Research team as a Data Analyst in 2017, using his data handling skills across various research projects to ensure quality and accuracy of data collection and analysis. Joe also supports the team in carrying out literature reviews, planning research and creating scientific reports.