04:22 PM

FNCE comment - pasta is great for weight loss

“Pasta can be a great option within a healthy, balanced diet and a good choice for people looking to lose weight," says Yvonne Sanders.

"Pasta is fairly low in energy density, which means it helps fill you up for relatively few calories. At Slimming World pasta is a Free Food, alongside fruit and vegetables, potatoes, rice, eggs, fish, poultry and lean meat, which means you can enjoy it without weighing, counting or measuring. Cooking sauces from scratch using vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and green beans and adding flavour with garlic, herbs and spices means pasta can be part of a healthy meal, though creamy or shop-bought sauces tend to be less helpful for people looking to manage their weight.”  

Yvonne Sanders is the Head of Operations at Slimming World, the UK’s favorite way to lose weight, which has recently launched an innovative online program in the USA at slimmingworld.com. She was speaking at the FNCE conference in Chicago in response to an interesting poster on how pasta is associated with a lower fat intake and healthier food choices.

​For more information on this or to arrange an interview with Yvonne email leigh.greenwood@slimmingworld.co.uk.