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Innovative Online Slimming World Program Now Available in the United States

After Helping Millions in the U.K. Slim Down, Slimming World Invites U.S. Members to Lose Weight with a Ground-Breaking Science-Based Weight Loss Program that offers weekly Peer-to-Peer Online Support and a Satisfying Healthy Eating Plan

Americans finally have a liberating, motivating and sustainable weight loss approach – proven to be successful throughout its 47 years’ experience in the U.K. – with the arrival of Slimming World, an innovative online program now available in the United States.

Slimming World offers evidence-based behavior change and expertise in nutrition and the psychology of weight management. Its program is built upon a deep understanding that people who are overweight carry a double burden: the burden of weight itself and the far heavier burden of guilt, self-criticism and low self-esteem. It’s only by first lifting the burden of guilt and helping people to raise their self-esteem that Slimming World can support people to manage their weight long-term and transform their lives.

Slimming World is the U.K.’s favorite way to lose weight with more people choosing to attend a Slimming World group than any other weight loss group each week. The weight loss company attributes its success to helping its members to lose weight easily and enjoyably, form new healthy lifestyle habits and gain support from their peers in a powerfully motivating group environment facilitated by a Slimming World-trained Consultant. By translating that real-world experience of social support to an online environment, Slimming World has created a truly innovative program for the United States.

Slimming World’s success is achieved by three components that work together to make losing weight easy, enjoyable and effective: a sustainable healthy eating plan that offers freedom from hunger and guilt, a motivational support package that helps members grow in confidence and know-how, and an activity program for every fitness level.

Healthy eating plan: Food Optimizing

Based on the science of satiety, Food Optimizing is a healthy eating plan that helps people move away from food choices that may have caused them to gain weight in the past. Members learn to choose foods that are lower in calories yet more satisfying so they are able to lose weight without ever feeling hungry and deprived. By eating plenty of filling everyday foods that are low in energy density (the calories per gram in a food), members lose weight with no need to weigh, count or measure everything they eat and drink. Food Optimizing is comprised of three nutritional pillars – Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns.

  • Free Foods – Nutritious and filling foods, available from every grocery store, which members can enjoy in unlimited amounts: lean meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, pasta, rice, eggs, fat free yogurt and more. These are foods that are most filling and low in calories.
  • Healthy Extras – Measured amounts of foods that are high in fiber including whole-wheat bread or cereals, and calcium-rich foods such as milk and cheese.
  • Syns – The foods that most diets ban. Syns stands for synergy, the synergy that’s created by freedom, healthfulness and just the right amount of control. At Slimming World, members are encouraged to enjoy controlled amounts of “treats” such as wine, chocolate, potato chips and sauces – so there’s no need to feel deprived or guilty.

Online Community and Facilitated Peer Support

A major component and differentiator of the program is online group support. Members meet in a unique, facilitated weekly online meetup called “My Slimming Group”. They log on and join fellow slimmers from anywhere in the U.S. from their mobile, tablet or laptop. By becoming part of the live online weekly group sessions, members are taken on a journey of guided self-discovery facilitated by a Slimming World-trained Consultant. Members offer each other motivation and support as well as giving practical help and ideas. They’re also accountable to themselves and the group when they commit to a weight loss goal and action plan for the week ahead.

Between weekly group meetings, members have 24/7 access to their group as well as an online community and forum. The site also offers thousands of delicious recipes, suggested eating plans, inspirational member success stories and a weight loss and activity planner to help develop new healthy lifestyle habits.

Activity Plan: Body Magic

On the Slimming World program, being more active will help boost weight loss, fitness and wellbeing. Becoming more active also helps to sustain weight loss in the long term. Members find their own fun ways of increasing activity and making it a part of their daily routine. From walking to dancing, gardening to cycling, anything that gets you moving regularly counts.



“What makes Slimming World truly unique is the way in which we understand how overweight people feel and the highs and lows they are likely to face on their weight loss journey. We put this understanding at the heart of everything we do. As well as providing members with realistic and practical tools to achieve their personal weight loss goals, we treat them with compassion and empathy so they can shed the guilt and shame that comes along with excess weight. The Slimming World community, including the weekly groups, is a warm, caring and supportive environment where members can meet like-minded people who want to lose weight too, share ideas and support, and have fun at the same time.”

-- Yvonne Sanders, head of U.S. operations for Slimming World


“Eating to satisfy your appetite by choosing the most filling foods is the best way to lose weight for long-term results. Eating foods that are low in energy density and high in satiety eliminates the need to weigh and measure portions, which then increases overall success. Slimming World is adaptable to fit any lifestyle so all members can feel empowered to lose weight on their terms. The online program is convenient and easy to use, providing members with the skills and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle, for life.”

-- Dr. Paul Sacher, chief research and development officer for Slimming World in the U.S.


To find out more about Slimming World’s U.S. digital program, read about members’ successes or to download the free digital magazine, A Taste of Slimming World with a seven-day menu planner, visit www.slimmingworld.com and for more videos, images, success stories and more, go to the newsroom at: www.slimmingworld.com/news.