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Slimming World members get set for an active April

Enthusiastic Slimming World members are getting behind a new challenge which encourages them to stay active every day throughout April.

Recognizing activity choice depends on personal preference, confidence and ability, members choose any ‘challenge’ they like – from taking the stairs every day to walking, swimming or running – or even doing a squat challenge.

Slimming World’s activity program, Body Magic, encourages members to start with small steps and gradually increase their activity levels as they feel more able to do so. Body Magic includes everything from energetic gardening to going for a walk, to gym classes.

Kathryn Cooke decided to lose weight after feeling frumpy watching her husband, a professional soccer player, at his games. She lost 45lbs back in 1982 and has maintained her amazing weight loss ever since – an incredible 36 years. These days she’s a super-fit grandma who has discovered a passion for exercise. She says: “Joining Slimming World gave me the confidence to get more active and unearthed a passion for fitness that I honestly never thought I’d have! At school I was the kind of person to dread gym class and would do anything to get out of exercising – yet as an adult, after losing weight and with lots more energy, I found that I was really enjoying a variety of exercise classes which eventually led me to become a fitness instructor myself. At the age of 63, I still teach three classes a week and like to exercise three to four times a week, I just love it!”

Slimming World members get tons of inspiration and support on the Slimming World member’s website, to help get started with an activity plan.

To sign up to the activity challenge, or find out more about Body Magic and becoming a Slimming World member, visit: www.slimmingworld.com/register.

Slimming World’s top 5 ways to add more Body Magic to your life this April

1. Switch sedentary activities for active ones. Find something you enjoy doing, and that you can do regularly—Body Magic is all about frequency and habit rather than short, sharp bursts of activity.

2. Make a move. Every 20 minutes, take a break from sitting still and move for a minute—great for your metabolism and general health. A walk to the printer or coffee machine, a potter around the room, even a good stretch and wiggle in your seat is better than staying still for prolonged periods.

3. Walk on sunshine. For many people, walking is the easiest form of exercise to incorporate into your daily life, and brisk walking uses all your main muscle groups.

4. Try something new. Most athletic centers offer a range of fitness classes, from circuits, Zumba and kickboxing to toning classes like Pilates or kettlebells. Ask Slimming Group members which classes they’ve tried for some inspiration!

5. Have fun. The best exercise program is one you’ll stick with, so whatever you do to keep moving, do it because you enjoy it! The endorphins will make you feel great and best of all, being active will help you to stick to your weight loss plans and if you’ve reached your personal target weight, it will help you maintain your weight loss.