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Yvonne Sanders

Head of Operations for Slimming World in the U.S. 









Yvonne has first-hand experience of what it’s like to carry the burden of weight. After losing 63 pounds herself more than 16 years ago, she has made it her mission through her work with the U.K.’s largest independent weight loss company, Slimming World, to educate and encourage everyone to believe that they can be the weight that they really want to be.

Yvonne joined Slimming World in 2000 and became a successful senior manager. She worked her way up through the company and, by 2005, she was managing Slimming World’s operations in the South of England, one third of the company’s groups.

After working with Slimming World in the U.K. for nine years, Yvonne relocated with her family to Frisco, Texas to launch Slimming World in the U.S. She has become a regular speaker at networking events such as HR South West Conference and is frequently called upon by both local and national media outlets for television and radio interviews as an obesity expert, especially in the Texas area where she has been a regular on Good Morning Texas.

Yvonne says: “What makes Slimming World truly unique is the way in which we understand how overweight people feel, the highs and lows they are likely to face on their weight loss journey and how to help them overcome the issues that may have prevented them in succeeding in previous weight loss attempts. We put this understanding at the heart of everything we do. As well as providing members with realistic and practical tools to achieve their personal weight loss goals, we treat them with compassion and empathy so they can shed the guilt and shame that comes along with excess weight. The Slimming World community, including the weekly groups, is a warm, caring and supportive environment where members can meet like-minded people who want to lose weight too, share ideas and support, and have fun at the same time.”

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