“Now I smile in every photo”*

Hannah Bagot felt like her life was on hold when she was overweight. Once she found a healthy, no-hunger way to drop pounds, she discovered her true, confident, smiling self.

“It was the last day of a family vacation. I’d felt uncomfortable in my clothes all week—even my favorite jeans were a little tight—but I was busy enjoying myself and tried not to think about it too much. Then I saw the vacation pictures my brother had uploaded on Facebook. I didn’t expect the photos to show me at my best, but my heart sank as I saw how big I looked. I quickly untagged myself from every single picture, and I decided something had to change.

“I always felt like I wasn’t living life to the fullest. I wasn’t confident enough to enjoy shopping for clothes, and when I was out with family and friends, I’d shy away from having my photo taken. I tried different ways of losing weight, but nothing stuck long-term, and whatever I did lose came straight back on.

“My mom and dad were Slimming World members and I saw how much weight they’d lost. Then when my friend Faye joined Slimming World, too, I decided to try it out. When I contacted my Slimming Group Consultant, she was so welcoming and assured me there would be a generous, healthy eating plan, along with support and inspiration waiting for me at my group meeting every week.

Eating more—and weighing less

“What surprised me the most about Slimming World was how much you could eat with Food Optimizing, the healthy eating plan. As a vegetarian I was delighted I could have eggs, beans, pasta, fruit and vegetables without measuring or counting anything—I could just eat them to satisfy my appetite. I also liked how easy the plan was to fit into my everyday life. Small swaps like using cooking spray rather than oil, making my own sauces rather than relying on jars, and switching to homemade Slimming World fries made such a difference.

“I stuck with Food Optimizing by planning my meals for the week ahead. All my favorites were on the menu, made the Slimming World way, like vegetable lasagna, spaghetti with veggie meatballs, and curries. I loved that I could fill up on these without ever feeling hungry or guilty. I was actually eating more and weighing less!

“For breakfast I’d have a big bowl of fruit and fat-free plain yogurt or overnight oats. Lunch was usually something fast and easy like a large baked potato and salad. I liked eating something really filling for dinner, and my go-to meals were a hearty vegetarian chili or veggie burgers with a big salad and Slimming World fries.

Growing my confidence

“My friends in my group were super-supportive week after week. Chatting with other members gave me new recipe ideas, so my weekly menu was always varied and interesting, and it gave me motivation to keep going. If I had a tricky week coming up, I knew I could lean on my group for help to stay on track. It really helped to ask my group members for eating out advice—they had plenty of ideas for what to look for on the menu and how to adapt orders at any restaurant. 

“As I lost weight, I began jogging and taking exercise classes—things I thought I’d never do before! My love of activity grew, along with my confidence, and it felt amazing to have so much more energy.

“I’ve maintained my target weight for just over three and a half years now and have found a healthy way of eating I know I can continue forever. Now nothing holds me back. I’m embracing life and full of newfound confidence—and I love looking at my vacation pictures!”


*Your weight loss will vary according to your individual circumstances and how much you have to lose.


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