“I felt amazing on my wedding day”*

Hollie joined Slimming World to rediscover her confidence, and 21 pounds* lighter, she did just that—and felt her best inside and out on her big day.


“I braced myself as, for the first time in about eight months, I stepped on the scale. I knew I’d put on some weight in my last few years at school—between studying for exams, preparing for college, and having freedom to socialize more, it was easiest to reach for convenience food, sweets, and takeout.

“Even so, discovering I weighed almost 15 pounds more than I thought was a shock. I so badly wanted to feel happy and confident in my skin, and be like my slim friends. I’d already tried skipping meals, cutting down, and counting calories, but none of that worked long-term, and now I was ready to make a real change.

Filling up on delicious, healthy food

“The first thing I learned when I joined Slimming World was that I could eat so many foods without any counting, weighing or measuring—fruit and vegetables, lean meat, and also pasta, potatoes and rice! There was even room in the plan for some chocolate or chips if I wanted them, though I was motivated right away to make easy, healthy changes.

“I switched chocolaty cereal for a high-fiber cereal or eggs for breakfast. For lunch, I happily swapped store-bought sandwiches for filling baked potatoes with large side salads. At dinnertime, I cooked Slimming World recipes for lasagna, burgers and fries, and my favorite: chili served with rice and made with 95% lean meat and veggies—ready in less than half an hour.

Leaning on group support

“Joining my group meeting every week made all the difference to my weight loss. I loved the sharing of recipe ideas for dishes I’d never thought of trying. It can be very lonely losing weight on your own, and having a group of people, to lean on and inspire you, who know what you’re going through, really helped.

“My friends in group were especially supportive in those last few weeks it took me to get to my chosen target weight. Then the week afterwards, I relaxed and celebrated a bit too much, leading to a 3 pound gain. Everyone at group encouraged me to stick with the plan, and the very next week I was back at my target weight.

Socializing and slimming

“I’m a social person, especially on the weekends, and that didn’t stop just because I was losing weight! Using Slimming World’s healthy eating plan as a guide, I made small changes to what I ordered. I looked at the menu ahead of time and scanned for tomato-based pastas or grilled chicken, and I swapped sugary cocktails for diet soda with a mixer. If I did end up going off plan, I drew a line under that one meal, and went straight back on plan the next day.

“I felt so much more confident going out with friends, now that I was losing weight. I used to change outfits a dozen times and I hid behind all-black clothing. Now I loved wearing bright colors! I think my confidence benefitted my love life, too, because I started dating a wonderful man, Luke, just before I got to my target weight.

Feeling my best on my big day

“I maintained my target weight over the years, which helped me feel confident in so many areas of life: my social life, my job, and my relationship with Luke. In fact, six years after dating, Luke proposed at our favorite restaurant on our anniversary! It was everything I imagined it to be, and wearing the new dress I’d bought for the occasion, I was so glad I’d lost weight and felt great.

“Because I’d maintained my weight loss, I just wanted to lose a few pounds to wear my dream backless wedding dress. It felt so freeing to try on any style I liked, and I felt like a princess in my fitted—and backless!—dress.

“I woke up on my wedding day feeling amazing. I couldn’t believe I was living this dream, and seeing Luke’s face at the end of the aisle was the best feeling ever. I love looking back at the photos knowing I felt happy and confident in my own skin.”

*Your weight loss will vary according to your individual circumstances and how much you have to lose.


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